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It was a terrorist attack of breathtaking audacity and daring. 40 Chechen separatists took over a Moscow theater where over 800 people were watching the musical Nord-Ost. 58 hours later, the standoff ended when Russian special forces armed with nerve gas stormed the booby-trapped theater. All the kidnappers died, along with 129 of the hostages. TERROR STRIKES MOSCOW reconstructs every step of the incredible ordeal, from the terrorists' original plan to the aftermath of the deadly rescue. Insiders reveal how the terrorists took over and controlled the theater, and detail the negotiations that opened with a threat to kill everyone inside if Russia failed to totally withdraw from Chechnya. Follow the rescuers into the barricaded theater, and see why so many of the hostages died alongside their captors. With a sweeping look at the background of the conflict and intimate accounts from inside the theater, TERROR STRIKES MOSCOW analyzes every aspect of this deadly standoff.

Directed by 

Deborah Schlaff Makahra

Written by 

Mikko Alanne & Deborah Schlaff Makahra

Executive Producers

Mikko Alanne

Deborah Schlaff Makahra

Rob Kirk

Rob Lihani

A FINNGATE PICTURES production for A&E

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